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Baked Fish, Macaroni Stuffing  Seafood  
Baked Fresh Salmon  Seafood  
Baked Lake Trout  Seafood  
Baked Mackerel, Mustard Sauce  Seafood  
Baked Pompano  Seafood  
Baked Spiced Mackerel  Seafood  
Baked Stuffed Fish  Seafood  
Baked Stuffed Smelts  Seafood  
Baked White Fish Mausset  Seafood  
Batter for Deep Fried Seafood  Seafood > Miscellaneous  
Boiled Bass  Seafood  
Boiled Red Snapper  Seafood  
Broiled Fish With Sheila Sauce  Seafood  
Broiled Pirch Fillets  Seafood  
Chicken Oyster Gumbo  Seafood  
Clam Bisque  Seafood  
Clam Souffle  Seafood  
Coast Breakfast 2  Seafood > Eggs  
Codfish Balls, Egg Sauce  Seafood  
Crab Burgers  Seafood  
Creamed Eggs and Shrimp  Seafood  
Creole Fish Orleans  Seafood  
Creole Shrimp  Seafood  
Crispy Fried Rainbow Trout  Seafood  
Deep Fried Fish A La Maurice  Seafood  
Escalloped Oysters and Noodles with Batter-Fried Shrimps  Seafood  
Filled Fish 1  Seafood  
Filled Fish 2  Seafood  
Fillet Of Sole  Seafood  
Finnan Haddie a la King  Seafood  
Finnan Haddie and Macaroni  Seafood  
Fish And Egg Loaf  Seafood  
Fish Pudding  Seafood  
Fish Pudding, Lobster Sauce  Seafood  
Fish Souffle  Seafood  
Fresh Salmon Steak  Seafood  
Fried Scallops  Seafood  
Fried Smelts  Seafood  
Haddock In Sour Cream  Seafood  
Haddock Roe Croquettes  Seafood  

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