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Halibut Creole  Seafood  
Halibut Custard  Seafood  
Halibut Hollandaise  Seafood  
Halibut Newburg  Seafood  
Hot Salmon Mousse  Seafood  
Impossible Seafood Pie  Seafood > Vegetarian  
Lobster Clarice  Seafood  
Macaroni-Salmon Scallop  Seafood  
Noodle Ring With Salmon  Seafood  
Olive and Tuna Scallop  Seafood  
Oyster And Celery Pie  Seafood  
Oyster Chicken Pie  Seafood  
Oyster Loaf  Seafood  
Oyster Meat Loaf  Seafood > Main Dish  
Oysters au Gratin  Seafood  
Pan Fried Fish  Seafood  
Salmon Casserole  Seafood  
Salmon Casserole, Broccoli Ring  Seafood  
Salmon Cutlets  Seafood  
Salmon Loaf  Seafood  
Salmon Loaf 2  Seafood  
Salmon Noodles Romanoff  Seafood  
Salmon Pie  Seafood  
Salmon Stuffed Green Peppers  Seafood  
Sardine Omelet  Seafood > Eggs  
Seaman's Pie  Seafood  
Shrimp And Celery Chowder  Seafood  
Shrimp Creole  Seafood  
Shrimp Jambalaya  Seafood  
Shrimp Jambalaya 2  Seafood  
Shrimp Souffle Ring  Seafood  
Spanish Codfish Balls  Seafood  
Spanish Flounder Steaks  Seafood  
Steamed Haddock, Lemon Horseradish Sauce  Seafood  
Stuffed Halibut Steaks  Seafood  
Tuna Delight  Seafood  
Tuna Noodles Romanoff  Seafood  
Tuna Salmon Ring  Seafood  
Tuna-Swiss Croquettes  Seafood  
Whitefish Supreme  Seafood  

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