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Eating While Sick - The Soft Diet Guide

The soft diet is made up of foods which require little or no chewing. He needs extra amounts of body builidng and protective foods: protein to rebuild wasted tissue, vitamin C to fulfill the increased requirement of this vitamin during infections, and vitamin B1 to restore the appetitie. When the patient is on a soft diet, plan three small meals a day, with extra feedings between meanls and at bedtime.

You can have all the foods listed for the liquid diet plus the following:

  • Bread: Enriched white bread, zwieback, plain crackers
  • Cereals: Cooked enriched cereal, rice and macaroni products
  • Cheese: Cottage, pot or cream cheese
  • Eggs: Soft-cooked, poached or scrambled in a minimum of fat
  • Fruits: Cooked purees or raw ripe banana, aone or with cereal
  • Vegetables: Cooked purees, alone or in soup; baked or boiled mashed potato
  • Meats: Strained and junior meals
  • Desserts: Cornstarch or rice pudding. Sponge or angel cake

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