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31-Dec-99   04:22 PM (PST)Rating:
Rachel Khan
  Virginia     USA
Love this site !!!!!! Im a housewife and I love to cook but I only cook a number of things I need a bigger viriuty

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20-Apr-99   02:47 PM (PST)Rating:
Norman Lynch
Houston   Texas     USA
Lois, I love your site. Trying to get in the business myself. If you have any sugestions, they are welcome. Later, I may have other products to network.
God bless.

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07-Apr-99   02:16 PM (PST)Rating:
Terrence Anderson
  Port Elizabeth     South Africa
Thanks for a brilliant site.

I need help in Lemonade making, if I can pass on South African recipies, my pleasure to do so. Yes we have our own recipies for lemonade but, I have heard that U.S.A. lemonade is really great and I would like to hear from anyone, how you do it there. Once again thanks for a really fantastic site.
Yours Truly,

P.S. if you want any type of recipes from S. Africa please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

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31-Mar-99   09:06 PM (PST)Rating:
Mckall Cuffel
Hawthorne   California     USA
Love your web site. Keep up the great job!!!

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18-Jan-99   01:21 PM (PST)Rating:
  Kingston     Jamaica
I love this site, I have found some amazing recipes on it, which I can't wait to try, and most of my friends want to try them, what I would like to see though is some more Vegetarian recipes.

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24-Nov-98   07:15 PM (PST)Rating:
Sandee Burbank
Mosier   Oregon     USA
I can hardly wait to get linked to this site. I love it and we have some recipes to share. I like the educational nature of this cookbook.

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