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26-May-00   05:17 PM (PST)Rating:
  Victoria     Australia
Cool Cooking

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19-May-00   10:24 AM (PST)Rating:
Gillyan Goodwin
Kyle   Texas     USA
I love this page this is my first time on this page. I found it doing stuff for work. It is a big help for our customers and employees.

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15-May-00   06:26 PM (PST)Rating:
Melinda Mizzell
Akron   Ohio     USA
I was looking for international foods for a missions conference we're having and ran across this. I really like it.

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22-Apr-00   08:05 AM (PST)Rating:
Laura Lanning
  New Mexico     USA
Hello Lois, I have been enjoying investigating the many aspects of your connected sites, and I have learned a bit as well. I am rather new to this land of computers and internet, but it does prove to be wonderfull fun.

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20-Apr-00   07:22 PM (PST)Rating:
Ken Hendrickson
  Maryland     USA
Great site I am realy impressed.
My wife is getting into once a month cooking and I have bookmaked your site. I know when she is done here we will be eating good.

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09-Jan-00   10:29 AM (PST)Rating:
Liliana Velea
  Bucharest     Romania
I loved your site! Too bad I don't know your measure units, so I can't really cook using your receips. However, it's lovely to see that other people like to cook at home ,too !

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