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How often do you read a recipe and wonder if you have the required amount of ingredients? The table below is a handy guide to help take away from some of the guesswork :)

FoodRecipe Calls forYou will Need
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Apples3 medium or 2 1/2 to 3 cups sliced1 pound
Bananas3 medium or 2 cups sliced1 pound
Berries3 1/2 cups hulled1 quart
Beans, Lima2 1/2 cups cooked1 cup uncooked
Beans, navy2 1/2 cups uncooked
or 6 cups cooked
1 pound
Bread12-16 slices1 pound loaf
Bread crumbs, soft1 cup1-2 slices
Bread crumbs, dry1 cup3-4 slices
Butter, margarine1/2 cup (1 stick)4 oz.
Butter, margarine2 cups1 pound
Cabbage3 1/2 to 4 cups shredded1 pound
Cheese, American1 cup shredded1/4 pound
Cheese, cheddar1 cup grated4 oz.
Cheese, cottage1 cup8 oz. (1/2 lb.)
Cheese, cream6 tablespoons3 ounces
Chocolate, unsweetened1 square (1/4 cup cocoa)1 oz.
Chocolate, 1/4 cup cocoa1 oz.
Chocolate, chips1 cup6 oz.
Coconut, shredded1 1/3 cup4 oz.
Coffee, ground80 Tablespoons1 lb.
Corn1 cup cut off cob4 ears
Corn Meal3 cups1 lb.
Corn Meal1 cup cooked1/4 cup uncooked
Cream, whipping1 cup or 2 cups whipped8 oz.
Cream, whipped1 cup1/2 cup heavy cream
Dates2 1/2 cups sliced1 pound
Eggs1 pound9 medium
Eggs, whole1 cup4-6 eggs
Eggs, whites1 cup8-10 eggs
Eggs, yolks1 cup12-14 eggs
Flour, all purpose3 1/2 cups (3 3/4 sifted)1 lb.
Flour, cake4 3/4 cups (5 sifted)1 lb.
Graham crackers1 cup finely rolled12-15 square
Honey1 cup3/4 lb.
Lemon juice3 tablespoons1 medium
Lemon peel2 tablespoons1 medium
Macaroni4 1/2 cups cooked8 oz. uncooked
Marshmallows, large10 miniature marshmallows1
Marshmallows, miniature11 large marshmallows1 cup
Solid Meat2 cups1 lb.
Noodles, uncooked2 1/4 cups cooked4 ounces uncooked
Nuts, coarsely chopped3 cups1 lb.
Nuts in general
1 cup chopped
2 cups shelled
1/4 pound shelled
1 pound in shell.
Onion, medium1/2 cup chopped1
Orange juice1/2 cup1 medium
Orange peel1/4 cup1 medium
Peas1 cup cooked1 pound unshelled
Potatoes3 medium or
2 1/2 cups sliced
1 pound
Prunes2 cups cooked and pitted1 pound
Raisons3 -3 1/2 cups1 lb.
Rice, converted3 to 4 cups cooked1 cup uncooked
Rice, long grain4 cups cooked1 cup uncooked
Rice, quick cooking2 cups cooked1 cup uncooked
Shortening2 tablespoons1 ounce
Spaghetti2 1/2 cups cooked4 ounce uncooked
Sugar, brown2 2/3 cups1 lb.
Sugar, confectioner's4 cups1 lb.
Sugar, granulated2 cups1 lb.
Sugar, powdered3 1/2 cups1 lb.
Tomatoes3 medium1 pound
Yeast, dry4 tablespoons1 oz.

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