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Drying Herbs

Pick herbs just before they flower. Cut them early in the day when they are dry, but not yet warmed by the sun. Pull off dead leaves, hold by the stem, and rinse in cold water. Shake dry and place between paper towels to absorb moisture.

When herbs are completely dry place them in a large brown paper bag. Close the end of the bag tightly and hang the bag in a warm, dry place. Don't hang it in a very hot area or directly in the sun.

When completely dry, remove herbs from bag, pull off leaves, and crumble them. Place crushed leaves in dry, air tight jars. Label and store in a cool, dry, dark place.

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Drying Fruit

  • Select ripe, flawless fruit.
  • Wash in cold water and drain.
  • Treat as necessary with ascorbic acid solution, hot water dip or steam.
  • Process until tests indicate food is dry.
  • Pasteurize, cool, package, label, and store.

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Drying Vegetables

  • Select young tender, flawless vegetables.
  • Wash in cold water and drain well.
  • Prepare vegetables..
  • Steam for recommended time.
  • Dry process according to tables until tests indicate food is dried.
  • Pasteurize, cool, package, label and store.

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Cooking Dried Fruit

Fruit to be used in pies or other cooked dishes should be placed in just enough water to cover and allowed to sit until water has been absorbed. Add more water only if fruit is tough. Don't add excessive water as the water not absorbed by the fruit contains valuable nutrients that may be lost if the fruit is drained.

Fruit to be served stewed should be covered with water and allowed to stand for several hours. After fruit has soaked, place in a saucepan with the water, cover and simmer 10 - 15 minutes, adding water if necessary. Sweeten to taste before serving. Sugar added during cooking may toughen fruit.

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Cooking Dried Vegetables

Cover vegetables with cold water and allow to soak several hours until vegetables resemble fresh produce. Don't add more water then the vegetables can absorb.

After vegetables have soaked, place in a saucepan with a small amount of water, cover and simmer until tender. Add more water if necessary. Season to taste and serve.

Once vegetables are soaked they can also be added to casseroles, soup and stews.

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