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Fresh Vegetable Cooking

Wash vegetables. Rinse in cold water. Leave vegetable whole and unpeeled whenever possible because valuable minerals are directly beneath the skin.

Fresh vegetables require only rinsing in cold water before cooking. However, if vegetables have lost their garden crispness and natural moisture, add a small amount of water (1/4 cup or less).


Add prepared vegetables to small amount of boiling, salted water. When water returns to boil, cover and begin timing.


Add water to pan, keeping level below the bottom of steamer basket. Place vegetables in the steamer, bring water to boil. Cover tightly; lower heat. Steam recommended time.


Add salt to water before adding vegetable. Cover container with casserole lid or vented plastic wrap. If not specified by owner's manual, cook at High power level for most vegetables (use medium for asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower). Allow 3-4 extra minutes of standing time to complete cooking. Rotating or rearranging vegetables half way through cooking time will give more even results. Times given are for approximately 1 lb. of fresh vegetables.

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Frozen Vegetable Cooking

Frozen vegetables require a shorter cooking period than does the fresh product. Frozen vegetables have been submitted to a short scalding or blanching period before freezing. Freezing serves to tenderize vegetables.

With the exception of corn on the cob and solid blocks of frozen vegetables, such as spinach, there is no need to defrost until you are ready to prepare for the table.


For home frozen vegetables or where package directions are not available, follow the directions and times given below. Bring salted water to boil; add frozen block of vegetables. Break up block with fork and return to boil. Cover; cook for suggested time.


Place frozen block of vegetables in greased casserole. Add 2 Tablespoons butter or margarine; season with salt and pepper. (For lima beans or spinach, add 2 tablespoons water.) Cover tightly and bake at 350o stirring once. To bake at 325o increase time by 10 minutes; to bake at 375o, decrease by 10 minutes.


Add salt to small amount of water before adding vegetable. If not specified by owner's manual, cook at High power level for time indicated below, stirring halfway through. Let stand 5 minutes. Times are for 1-10 oz. package.

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