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This page is for those who need help or wish to hire LoisC to customize and install your database script with the features that you choose.

You must download and register (as per Gossamer license) the DBMAN database script from Gossamer Threads as instructed on their site, and then I will work with you to customize the script to meet your needs. I do not yet have experience working with the SQL version, as I do not have a host provider that allows MSQL on their servers.

I highly prefer creating database that blend into your site. This includes using the user friendly mod the basic layouts, which makes it very easy for the site owner to then easily make formatting changes at a later time. Another basic mod used is the short/long mod, as this seems to be very popular. You can choose to use this or just the long display depending on your database needs.

Generally I use a minimum amount of tables within the layouts which help to make the database load and display quickly for your site visitors. I use HTML 3.2 as a standard which will make your database viewable in all browsers.

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Customized Database Quote Form:

They are some general options that I use as standard when creating databases, so I will include those as selections in the form below. You can also state to the best of your knowledge exactly what functions and features you want or need for your database. A quote can only be as accurate as the picture of what the end result needs to be and what it involves as far as modifications.

Standard custom features include:
User friendly mod, True logoff, Block script from running on any other server, Useful Error Messages, modified cgi_error sub, security fixes, HTML formatting fixes, and more.

Please Note: This quote should be for your OWN SITE ONLY. I do not wish to work through a second party for their clients. Experience has proved this to be very inefficient for both gathering details, and the communication necessary to complete the project in a timely manner.

All completed projects must include a link to my customization services within the database footer.

[ Required fields ]
Your name: [ Required ]
Email address: [ Required ]    
Please note that you should use your real email address. Several free email addresses are filtered in my email program and get deleted automatically.
Is your site: [ Required ]Business   Personal
About your database: [ Required ]
Please state the general purpose of your database. This will allow me to provide additional suggestions and features you may not think of when starting a new database.
Server Type: [ Required ]
  (i.e. Unix, Lynx, etc.)
By choice I do not work with NT servers.
Mod Installs: [ Required ]
Hold the Ctrl key while making multiple selections
Other Modifications:     (State other modifications wanted or needed)
Special Features: (State other features wanted or needed)
Additional Comments:

There will also be additional information requested to be able to install this on your server. I will provide this list of questions once we have decided to work together on your project.

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Database Site References:

The following contains a partial listing of databases which I have designed and configured. Links will open in a new window.

Here are some customized applications which are setup as DEMOs to test:

Creative Computing Web Database Solutions
Job Board, Realty Listings, Classifieds System, Automotive System, Ice Hockey (Players & Stats), Personals, Business Directory, Guest Book, Message Board, Resource Links, News & Events, Free Classifieds

The following sites are live sites showing the use of databases.

Redundant Cartridge
Toners & Cartridges (product and price list), Nick's Help Forum

The Road From Earth To Heaven
web design, links database

Creative Cooking
Global Gourmet Recipes

Ukie Cards
Links, Guest Book, and use database frontend to manage sending greeting cards.

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