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Welcome to this new feature of our site as of October 29, 2001.

Joining our users group provides the opportunity for all those who create their databases using DBMan to get to know each other and also to share their database application ideas with others.

It also provides a means of keeping in contact with others and to get to know more about each others.

Once you signup and login for the first time you will be required to complete a form to submit your profile. You can use the same username and login as you do within the DBMan FAQ.

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By completing a member profile you can provide links and descriptions to the applications you have created using this great script.

Please note: You must provide a link to at least one site you have created using DBMan to become a member. The databases should be accessible to the public and not a member only database, or it defeats the purpose of sharing database ideas.

Only those who show a friendly and positive attitude within the Gossamer Threads support forum will have their profiles validated. Of course this is the majority of those who participate in the forums as most are very friendly and helpful to others.

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