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Web Design Packages

Most of the materials you now use for your business are easily converted to web content. For those new to the internet and web sites, Creative Computing will take you through the steps for submitting your ideas and materials to develop your site.

You will be assured that all the necessary steps are taken to provide individual care and attention in developing your web site. Anyone can buy a program and create a web site, but it takes more then putting words and graphics on a page to make your site a success.

I assure you your site will contain all the necessary components to become a success. Your site will be HTML compliant and validated, and search engine, browser, and user friendly. I do NOT use a WYSIWYG program to create web sites, as most do not code pages to comply with HTML standards.

Design PackagesBasicStandardDeluxeExecutive
Package Fee$ 200$ 500$ 900$ 1,500
Number of Pages1 - 56 - 1112 - 1920 - 30

Database design and development consists of quotes based on customization requirements.

Feel free to negotiate prices.   Our package contents are to be used as a guide; as site requirements vary. I will not limit the creativity of your site. I can also work with you using my hourly rates.

Review full description of package contents below. Once you have made your decision to work with Creative Computing please complete our Design Request Form.

Package Contents & Additional Services

Web Site Maintenance & Updating

I will maintain & update your existing web pages monthly for a period of one year, at a rate of one hour per page. For example, if you have six pages, you will be entitled to six free hours of maintenance and updating in the first year. Additional Maintenance and Updating - Changes amounting to over one hour per existing page/year are charged at an hourly rate.


Our design consultant will work with you to help you achieve the results you want! Included in our packages is consultation at a rate of one hour per page. Consulting includes both telephone and email communications. Consultation (marketing and/or design) over the amount included in your package is charged at an hourly rate. Telephone charges are at client's expense.

Page Text

I will help you format your ideas to reach your target audience. The amount of text should only be limited due to other page components which may cause your pages to load slowly. With proper navigation within your site, I don't believe you should be limited by a specific number of words per page.

  1. Mail your text on disk. This can be .txt or MS Word files (if formatting need to remain intact).
  2. Email a copy of your text. Text (preferred) or MS Word files (if formatting need to remain intact).

Custom Graphics

Packages include photos or graphics which are client-supplied or client-selected. A custom-designed set including line, bars, and bullets to correspond with your logo is included free of charge.

Custom graphics may also include banners for link exchange services.

Page Counter

Depending upon the hosting services you decide on, I will install a page counter for you, so that you can easily keep track of the number of visitors to your site.

Quality host providers provide server stats to help track your visitors and additional marketing information.

Data Tables

Single table up to 30 fields. See Additional Services for pricing.


One form is included in all but our Basic Package. This form can contain up to 25 fields. Fields in excess of 25 per page are charged at a rate of $5.00 per field. For additional Forms (25 fields) see Additional Services for pricing.

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