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Web Design References

The following sites were designed by Creative Computing. These are just a sample of the sites which are still active.

Unleavened Bread Ministries (2008 - databases)

Database setup and maintenance. Listing all recorded bible studies (audio & video). Play available files within the database(s).
One Hour TV and Radio Broadcast Studies   --   Early Bible Studies & Books

Scripture Greeting Cards - Send a scripture e-card. Many topics and scriptures to choose from. Script and content by Creative Computing.

As of March 2017 until Oct. 30, 2018 I maintained the website and the various tasks that go along with that (podcasts, newsletter, etc.) Complete recoding of all the pages and a little makeover to make the site user friendly.

I left Unleavened Bread Ministries when I became aware of how much this ministry was actually a cult. It's leader David Eells is a very evil narcissist who lies and takes great pleasure in the pain he causes to others.

Redundant Cartridge (June 1999 -->)

Redundant Cartridge provides the highest quality remanufactured toner cartridges for laser printers. They also refurbish laser printers, inkjet printers and fax machines.

Complete Redesign & Expansion. Nick's Driver Resource content by Creative Computing. Extensive shopping cart.

Creative Computing's Web Database Solutions (2002 -->)

Job Board, Realty Listings, Classified Ad System, Automotive System, Ice Hockey (Players & Stats), Personals, Business Directory, Guest Book, Message Board, Resource Links, News & Events, Free Classified Ads, Shopping Cart(s)

Creative Cooking (1997) Updated Sept. 2017

Whether you are an experienced cook, or just learning the basics, you've come to the right place! - Gourmet Recipes, Cooking Tips and Tricks, Kid's Cooking, and more.

Custom Web Development, Content Creation, and Administration.

The Road From Earth To Heaven (2017)

In 1932, W. J. Dittmar (Walter John Dittmar) drew a work he titled 'The Road From Earth To Heaven' for the Union Gospel Press. Here you can order the Dittmar's black and white pen & ink print and/or Stewart H. Schenck Jr.'s one of a kind, astounding full color print painted in oils.

Web and database creation and design.

Ukie Cards by Babena Skrynia - (2005)   Returned Sept. 2017 :)

Ukrainian Greeting cards and links.

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