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Web Design References

The following sites were designed by Creative Computing. These are just a sample of the sites which are still active.

Redundant Cartridge (June 1999 -->)

Redundant Cartridge provides the highest quality remanufactured toner cartridges for laser printers. They also refurbish laser printers, inkjet printers and fax machines.

Complete Redesign & Expansion. Nick's Driver Resource content by Creative Computing. Extensive shopping cart.

Creative Computing's Web Database Solutions (2002 -->)

Job Board, Realty Listings, Classified Ad System, Automotive System, Ice Hockey (Players & Stats), Personals, Business Directory, Guest Book, Message Board, Resource Links, News & Events, Free Classified Ads, Shopping Cart(s)

Creative Cooking (1997) Updated Sept. 2017

Whether you are an experienced cook, or just learning the basics, you've come to the right place! - Gourmet Recipes, Cooking Tips and Tricks, Kid's Cooking, and more.

Custom Web Development, Content Creation, and Administration.

Ukie Cards by Babena Skrynia - (2005)   Returned Sept. 2017 :)

Ukrainian Greeting cards and links.

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