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(Tennessee - formerly Oregon)

If you are looking for a professional web designer you've come to the right site! Unlike the majority of web designers Creative Computing will design your site to be viewable by the largest internet audience possible. Your site is hand-coded, and validated to be HTML 3.2 compliant rather then being configured using a non-compliant web design program. Clean coding makes for fast loading and easily searched pages.

I believe in keeping sites simple and do not use non-compliant browser extensions or javascript. Internet travelers should not have to upgrade to a specific browser to view a web site. I believe sites should be designed for all who wish to visit regardless of their browser.

Looking for Database Solutions? Visit Creative's Web database Solutions for examples of how databases can help make your site self-maintaining.

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About Creative Computing

Creative Computing has been in business since 1990. The focus of the company started as a means of providing local computer services and support on a part-time basis. Creative Computing currently provides Web Design & Development, and database solutions for self-maintaining web sites.

My goal is to provide businesses and individuals a means of inexpensive web design, database solutions, and site maintenance services. With support and information to get the most benefit from an internet presence.

My goal in designing web sites, is to remain within the technology that is available to the majority. Sites using frames, java, etc. may limit themselves to only visitors with the capability of viewing their sites. I believe in designing sites which are accessible to all who choose to visit. If a client so desires to make use of the latest technology, I am more then willing to consider creating the sites using the techniques you choose. There are times when it becomes necessary to use the newest techniques to make your site efficient.

Web sites are designed working in straight HTML code using a text editor and are then analyzed and the code validated.

Creative Computing is owned and operated by Lois Robinson (Tennessee - formerly Oregon).

Designing sites with a personal touch!

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