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Pricing / Additional Services

Please note below is a basic guideline, you are free to negotiate the cost of services provided. Many site features may be included free for pages of 12 or more. See Custom Scripting Options.

Basic Pricing

Web Design (pages)$ 30 / hour
Site Maintenance (see note)$ 20 / hour
Custom Scripting$ 35 / hour
Customized Databasequote per database
(other then included with packages)
$ 35 / hour

Site Maintenance is not available for sites created with WYSIWYG programs (i.e. Frontpage)

Additional Services

Domain Name Registration Setup$ 10.00
This includes name setup / transfer to virtual server host.
You will be billed by the registrar service for their fee.
Photo Scans$ 30.00 / each
Counter set-up$ 25.00
Submission to major search engines (google, bing, yahoo)$ 30.00
FREE Guest book Setup$ 10.00
Data Tables (up to 30 cells)$ 50.00
Forms (up to 25 fields) - Included in Basic Package$ 50.00

Contract Terms:

Prices are quoted in US dollars, and are subject to change without notice unless an agreement has been made between you and Creative Computing. Work will commence upon our receipt of 50% of the total fee.

Your site will temporarily be posted on our server for your review. Balance of payment is due prior to uploading the files to your host provider. Once uploaded all functions will be fully configured for and tested on your site.

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