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20-Nov-2003   1:21 PM (PST)Rating: 10
Brenda L. Dill
Thank-you for Creative cooks, I really enjoy this web site.

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03-Sep-2001   9:56 PM (PST)Rating: 10
Edgar Gilchrist
Newport Beach   California     USA
I admire your approach using very simple client-side programming. At I got rid of frames but not Javascript which yields the width of the client's screen and sets the size of my enlarged photos. Perhaps there is a server-side technique. Perhaps I can configure DBMan to do the job.
Your LoisC solved a DBMan problem for me this morning. Many, many thanks to LoisC!

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20-Apr-99   02:47 PM (PST)Rating:
Norman Lynch
Houston   Texas     USA
Lois, I love your site. Trying to get in the business myself. If you have any sugestions, they are welcome. Later, I may have other products to network.
God bless.

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31-Mar-99   09:06 PM (PST)Rating:
Mckall Cuffel
Hawthorne   California     USA
Love your web site. Keep up the great job!!!

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21-Jan-01   03:56 PM (PST)Rating: 10
Hatboro   Pennsylvania     USA
Very Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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14-Oct-00   09:10 PM (PST)Rating:
Kay King
Mobile   Alabama     USA
I really like your site

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