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8   Cake Mixes

Add 3 tbsps. dissolved gelatin (any flavor) to your favorite plain cake mix. You'll get a fruity surprise.

Lois   Oregon     USA

4   Carpets

Use peanut butter to remove chewing gum from carpets. Smear peanut butter on gum to loosen. Use hot rag and pick it off.

Lois   Oregon     USA

5   Cereal

Store cereals in freezer. No matter how old, they stay fresh until the last crumb.

Lois   Oregon     USA

3   Ice Cubes

Spray inside of ice cube trays with non-stick cooking spray. It will make ice cubes practically fall out instead of sticking.

Lois   Oregon     USA

7   Leftover coffee

Pour leftover coffee in the soil of your plants. It acts as a good fertilizer.

Lois   Oregon     USA

9   Making jack o'lanterns easier!

Pierce the pumpkin (on the back so it won't interfere with your artistic design for the face) a couple of times; microwave on High for 2-3 minutes. This makes the pumpkin slightly softer and easier to carve.

WordLady   CA     USA

6   Pesky Mice

Get rid of those pesky mice by putting peppermint in the areas where they are found.

Lois   Oregon     USA

1   Removing Stains

Spirits of camphor will remove grass stains and other stains from white shoes.

Lois   Oregon     USA

2   Sponges

To renew old sponges soak them in cold salt water.

Lois   Oregon     USA

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