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Chicken/Poultry Condiment/Dip Cookies
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Salad Dressing Sauce Seafood
Side Dish Snack/Treats Soup
Spread Veal Vegetable

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Metric Conversion Chart

1/4 tsp1 mL1 ml 
1/2 tsp2 mL2 ml 
1 tsp5 mL5 ml1/3 tablespoons (exactly)
1 1/3 fluid drams
1 Tbl15 mL20 ml3 teaspoons (exactly)
4 fluid drams
1/2 fluid ounce (exactly)
1/4 cup50 mL60 ml 
1/3 cup75 mL80 ml 
1/2 cup125 mL125 ml 
2/3 cup150 mL170 ml 
3/4 cup175 mL190 ml 
1 cup250 mL250 ml 
1 quart1 liter1 liter  

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