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Whether you are an experienced cook, or just learning the basics, you've come to the right place!

The following charts and guides provide tips on food selection, food storage, preparation tips, conversion tips, and more.

Be sure to check our Cooking Tips & Tricks and Household Tips & Tricks for additional cooking tips.

Everyone is welcome to submit their tips and tricks into our databases above.


[Open folder]   Charts & Guides:
[T line]   Cooking Abbreviations
[T line]   Cookery Terms and Meaning
[T line]   Common Food Terms
[T line]   Common Cookery Measurements
[T line]   Common Food Yields
[T line]   Food Substitution Guide
[T line]   Canned Food Guide

[Open folder]   Food Storage:
[T line]   Pantry Storage
[T line]   Refrigerator & Freezer Storage
[T line]   Food Storage Pointers
[T line]   The Freezer

[Open folder]   Freezing Food

[Open folder]   Drying Food

[Open folder]   Canning Food

[Open folder]   Pickling

[Open folder]   Cooking With Herbs & Spices

[Open folder]   Major Nutrients:
      Functions & Food Sources

[Open folder]   Tips & Savings
[T line]   How Do You Rate as a Shopper?
[T line]   Ways to Stretch Your Food Dollars
[T line]   Picnic Check List

[Open folder]   Fruits:
[T line]   Fresh Fruit Selection
[T line]   Fresh Fruit Storage
[T line]   Cooking Dried Fruit

  see: "canning" & "freezing"

[Open folder]   Vegetables:
[T line]   Fresh Vegetable Selection
[T line]   Fresh Vegetable Storage
[T line]   Vegetable Cooking Guide
[T line]   Vegetable Cooking Times

  see: "canning" & "freezing"

[Open folder]   Meat & Poultry
[T line]   Meat & Poultry Selection
[T line]   Cooking Methods of Meat Cuts
[T line]   Chart for Roasting Meat
[T line]   Roast Poultry Timetable

[Open folder]   Baking:
[T line]   Baking Time & Temperature
[T line]   Oven Temperature Guide
[T line]   Baking Pan Substitutions

[Open folder]   Microwave Cooking

[Open folder]   Baby Food


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