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The American Spice Trade Association has prepared this handy chart to acquaint you with a variety of spices and their uses.

Until familiar with a spice, it's best to start with 1/4 teaspoon (less for the red pepper spices) to a pint of sauce, soup or vegetable, or to a pound of meat, fish or fowl.

The following charts are divided into two sections:

  1. Appetizer, Soup, Meat & Eggs, Fish & Poultry
  2. Sauces, Vegetables, Salad & Dressing, Desserts.


Appetizer, Soup, Meat & Eggs, Fish & Poultry

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 AppetizerSoupMeat & EggsFish & Poultry
Pot Au FeuHam steakOyster Stew
AniseLicorice candy - Beef/Veal Stew, Cottage cheese, Chocolate pudding -
BasilCheese Stuffed
Manhattan Clam ChowderRagout of BeefShrimp Creole
Bay LeafPickled BeetsVegetable SoupLamb StewSimmered Chicken
Caraway   SeedMild Cheese Spreads - Sauerbraten -
Cardamon  Curried Chicken, Curried Shrimp
CinnamonCranberry JuiceFruit SoupPork chopsSweet & Sour Fish
CayenneDeviled EggsOyster StewBarbecued BeefPoached Salmon, Hollandaise
Celery   Salt and Seed Ham Spread (Salt)Cream of Celery (Seed)Meat Loaf (Seed)Chicken Croquettes (Salt)
ChervilFish DipsCream SoupOmeletChicken Saute'
Chili   PowderSea Food, Cocktail SaucePepper PotChili con CarneArroz con Pollo
ClovesFruit PunchMuligatawneyBoiled tongueBaked Fish
Curry PowderCurried ShrimpCream of MushroomCurry of LambChicken Hash
Dill SeedCottage CheeseSplit PeaGrilled Lamb SteakDrawn Butter for Shellfish
Salt, Powder
Clam DipVegetable SoupRoast LambBouillabaisse
GingerBroiled GrapefruitBean SoupDust lightly over SteakRoast Chicken
MaceQuiche LorrainePetite MarmiteVeal FricasseeFish Stew
MarjoramFruit Punch CupOnion SoupRoast LambSalmon Loaf
MintFruit CupSprinkle over Split PeaVeal RoastCold Fish
  Powdered Dry
Ham SpreadLobster BisqueVirginia HamDeviled Crab
NutmegChopped OystersCream DuBarrySalisbury SteakSouthern Fried Chicken
Powder, Salt, Flakes,
Instant Minced
Avocado Spread   (Powder)Consomme'   (Flakes)Meat Loaf   (Instant Minced)Fried Shrimp   (Salt)
OreganoSharp Cheese SpreadBeef SoupSwiss SteakCourt Bouillon
PaprikaCreamed Sea FoodCreamed SoupHungarian GoulashOven Fried Chicken
Parsley   FlakesCheese BallsCream of AsparagusIrish Lamb StewBroiled Mackerel
RosemaryDeviled EggsMock TurtleLamb LoafChicken a' la King
SageCheese SpreadsConsomme'Cold Roast BeefPoultry Stuffing
SavoryLiver PasteLentil SoupScrambled EggsChicken Loaf
TarragonMushrooms a la GrecqueSnap Bean SoupMarinated Lamb or BeefLobster
ThymeArtichokesClam ChowderUse sparingly in FricasseesPoultry Stuffing

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