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Refrigerator & Freezer Storage

Food ProductStorage Period

Baked Goods
Breads, baked5-7 days3 months
Cakes, cream/custard filled1-2 days3 months
Pies, custard, chiffon1-2 days*
Pies, fruit3-4 days8 months
Butter/margarine2 weeks6-9 months
Cheese, soft and spreads, dips1-2 weeks1 months
Cheese, hard or semi-hard3-4 weeks6 months
Eggs in shell1 months*
Ice cream*1 months
Milk / Cream1 week3 weeks
Fruit, Commercially frozen*1 year
Apples, fresh1 month*
Berries / cherries, fresh3 days**
Citrus fruits, fresh2 weeks**
Other fruits, fresh5 days**
Vegetables (Commercially frozen)*8 months
Root vegetables, fresh2 weeks**
Salad greens5 days*
Other vegetables, fresh5-7 days**
Canned foods, opened
Baby food2-3 days*
Fish, seafood1 day*
Meat, gravy, broth2 days*
Relishes, pickles, condiments1 month*
Vegetables, fruits3 days*
Meats, Fresh
Roasts: Beef / Lamb3-5 days8-12 months
Roasts: Pork / Veal3-5 days4-8 months
Steaks, beef3-5 days8-12 months
Chops, Lamb / Pork3-5 days3-4 months
Ground / Stew Meats1-2 days2-3 months
Variety Meats1-2 days3-4 months
Sausage, Pork1-2 days1-2 months
Meats, Processed
Bacon7 days1 month
Frankfurters7 days2 weeks
Ham, whole7 days1-2 months
Ham, half or slices3 days1-2 months
Luncheon Meats3-5 days*
Sausage, smoked7 days*
Sausage, dry & semi-dry14-21 days*
Meats, Cooked
Casseroles / meat & gravy1-2 days2-3 months
Poultry, Fresh
Chicken / Turkey1-2 days12 months
Duck / Goose1-2 days6 months
Giblets1-2 days3 months
Poultry, Cooked
Casseroles / meat & gravy1-2 days6 months
Pieces (not covered by broth)1-2 days1 month
Fried Chicken1-2 days4 months
Fish / shellfish
Steaks, fillets, shucked seafood1 day3-4 months
Seafood in shell2 days3-4 months
* Not Recommended       ** Requires special preparation. (See freezing tips)

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