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Eating While Sick - Liquid Diet Guide

During illness the patient needs plent of fluids to replace those lost in vomiting, diarrhea and perspiration. You need foods that are easy to eat and easily digested. This liquid diet fulfills those requirements. With the liquid diet, food should be given at two or three-hour intervals.

  • Milk: Plain and in beverages, soups and desserts
  • Cereal: Thin gruels
  • Eggs: Beaten raw mixed with milk or a fruit juice
  • Fruit juices: Plain or in beverages and desserts
  • Vegetable juices: Plain or in soups
  • Meats: Strained meats
  • Soups: Meat or chicken bouillon
  • Desserts: Plain ice cream, milk or water sherbets, fruit-juice gelatins, custards, simple rennet puddings.

Juices and cereal gruels should be strained. For extra nourishment, strained fruit juice may replace part or all of the water when making gelatin desserts.

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