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DBMan is an excellent script. I have tested and worked with many different scripts and have found this to be the best of them all; in many aspects. It is very easy to setup and configure to have a database up and running in no time! Using DBMan can eliminate the need for having to use various other scripts, as you can configure the script to function in many different ways.

Thread references are now located in the DBMan FAQ DATABASE

If you are just starting with DBMan i highly recommend you first visit the DBMan Tutorial by JPDeni. Then you will want to visit the Gossamer Resource Center to review the latest modifications posted there. Then perhaps view some of the sites created using this great script which will provide you with additional ideas for it's use.

Need Help?   Custom installations & Modifications are available by LoisC.

Although you will not find all your answers here, it's very easy to search for what you are looking for in the Support Forum. Once you give something a try and still need help, post your questions in the forum and you will receive friendly helpful advice to get your database up and running.

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Gossamer Links: [ DBMan | Support Forum | Resource Center ]
[ JPDeni's excellent DBMan Tutorial, Mods, & more ]

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