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Special Thanks!

There has been great contributions to the script in forms of modifications, and help in the support forums. A special thanks goes to the following for helping others, and providing solutions.

The following individuals have helped to keep the support forum a very friendly and helpful atmosphere where people feel free to share solutions and participate in helping others.

  • Alex - for creating and making available this great script!

  • JPDeni - The greatest contributor of course is our forum moderator Carol. Without her time and energy, the majority of the mods would not be available. She has helped to make this a very flexible script to use!

    The majority of answers and solutions presented here have been provided by Carol. Contributions by others are noted - giving credit where credit is due.

    Carol's signature was: "All my advice is offered on the basis of kindness-ware. If I've helped you to solve a problem, go out of your way to be kind to someone today". She is greatly missed!!!

  • AstroBoy - He continues to amaze me with the solutions he provides for others. We are very fortunate to have him participate in the support forums. Ever since JPDeni left the forums AstroBoy has been there to provide new solutions.

  • Karen - Who goes above and beyond working with users until a solution can be found. Karen has been a great asset to the forums. I know she must spend hours and hours looking at the scripts of others to locate and fix errors.

  • oldmoney, jdulberg, dahamsta, leisurelee, TheFew, O grain, Chris071371, Rob, Chris Croome, StevePlant, Cacan, Jaime Ortega, Lauren, Vampy, TrevR, Watts, Philip_Clark, Watts, & Kellner.

  • LoisC - For taking the time to put together this FAQ so everyone can benefit from the modifications and suggestions others provided in the forum. Although I don't get the chance to visit very often I can be contacted via private mail on the Gossamer support forum.

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