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Meat Cooking

The following is a guide for cooking roasts, hamburgers, steaks, and chops. Use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of roasts after the minimum cooking time has elapsed. Roasts should be removed from the oven when they are 15 to 20 degrees below the desired temperature. The internal temperature will rise during the 20-minute standing time.

Check hamburgers, steaks and chops by cutting into them and noting the color of the meat; slightly under cook as meat will continue to cook during the 5-minute standing time.

MeatQuantityApprox. time
(minutes per lb.)
after standing.

Standing ribs4-6 lbs.4-5 min.140o (rare)
  5-6 min.160o (medium)
  7-8 min.170o (well)
Rolled Rib3-5 lbs.5-6 min.140o (rare)
  6-7 min.160o (medium)
  7-8 min.170o (well)
Boneless rolled rump
(high quality)
4-6 lbs.6-7 min.150o (rare)
  7-8 min.160o (medium)
  8-9 min.170o (done)
Hamburgers23 min.rare
 44 min.rare
Steaks, T-bone,
porterhouse or sirloin
1 lb.5-7 min.rare to medium rare

Boneless loin roast3-5 lbs.9-10 min.170o (well)
Chops, loin26-8 min.well done
 4 lbs.10-12 min.well done
Ham, fully cooked2-5 lbs.6-8 min.130o
 6-8 lbs.5-7 min.130o

Leg4-5 lbs.7-8 min.170-180o well
Boneless leg, rolled3-48-9 min.170-180o well
Chops, loin2 lbs.5-7 min.medium
 4 lbs.9-11 min.medium

Boneless shoulder roast3 lbs.8-9 min.170o

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