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Custom Web Development

Most of the materials you now use for your business are easily converted to web content. For those new to the internet and web sites, Creative Computing will take your ideas and materials and develop your site.

Consulting includes various means of presenting your business, marketing your product or service, and communicating with visitors.

I can recommend various programming scripts which help to make your site efficient, and maintenance quick and easy.

Please review our Web Design Packages to get an overall view of what options and fees are involved with your site design. Of course many more options are available with a custom designed package. Feel free to negotiate on prices.

Once you have made your decision to work with Creative Computing please complete our Design Request Form.

Due to the time and research involved in providing a quote for custom designed sites, it is necessary to charge of one-time fee of $100 per quote. This fee is subtracted from your initial payment for a custom designed site.

Custom designed sites include one FREE web site redesign within the first year. Providing an opportunity to redesign your site should your marketing strategy change. I have not seen this offer by any other designer. But I strive to be unique in what I offer clients. Your online success is important to me.

Non-Profit Organizations taking advantage of the web.

Custom Scripting Options
  • Bulletin Board Forums
  • Calendar (Interactive)
  • Classifieds (database)
  • Database
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • File Downloads
  • Form Processing
  • Greeting Cards
  • Guest Book (database)
  • Message Board
  • Music - Audio Clips
  • Newsletter (s)
  • Password Access
  • Recommend Our Site
  • Secure Server (ordering online)
  • Site Links (database)
  • Voting
  • What's New

Custom Scripting is charged at an hourly rate. If I've done something similar and I just need to modify a script for your site it will go quickly. Feel free to negotiate on prices.

Items listing in bold are basic scripts for all sites and may be included in initial quote. Please note any additional fees required to register a script used will be the responsibility of the client. I highly recommend the use of databases to help create site features which you as the client are able to maintain.

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