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Meet the Web Master
Quality Web Design with a Personal Touch

Your sites are developed by Lois Robinson. The majority of our communication will be through the use of online forms, email, & phone calls.

I have been working with computers for over 45 years. Designing web sites was my means of making a living working at home since the summer of 1997. After a work-related injury and being forced to leave my job, as a technical services specialist, I began to offer my design services on a full-time basis. I strayed away from designing sites in 2005 and was doing volunteer work creating databases and uploading audio and video files to internet sites for a ministry. I was also maintaining some sites I designed years ago :) It's 2017 and I'm back and ready to help others get on the internet :)

Get to know the quality of care your web site will receive when working with Creative Computing. I believe I offer the services, knowledge, and individual attention you will not find with other web designers. Web sites are so much more than just your text and graphics.

I would say 90% of the web designers advertising their services on the web are people who have purchased or downloaded a program that creates web pages and then they claim to be a webmaster. I have knowledge and experience of web design basics (html coding), working with host providers, and database creation to suit your needs. Your pages will be hand coded and validated to conform to HTML 3.2 standards.

So how do you choose a web designer?

There are some basic questions that you can ask which will reveal the knowledge and capabilities of someone you are considering.

Some basic information you should know when working with Creative Computing.

Web Page Programming:

I use a simple text editor, which means I develop sites using HTML coding from my knowledge - not from an automated WYSIWYG program (that adds so much extra junk coding). I use the same program to configure CGI scripts. I specialize in designing sites that are viewable in all browsers. All pages are validated to conform to HTML 3.2 standards prior to being uploaded to the web. There are scripts which may contain built-in coding that does not meet the HTML specification being used, but your pages should still function properly. I modify those scripts for proper coding.

Your pages are text files and are not proprietary to any specific program. Most CGI programs now come with Administrative functions run through your web browser. This means you have the ability to administer the functions of these scripts making them self-maintaining!

Most of the sites I design make use of databases which makes site administration and updating very easy to handle yourself. No more worries about additional fees for updated or small changes for features such as links, guestbook, directories, etc.

All of your basic pages will work on any virtual server and in all browsers. Relative URLs used within your site means your internal links will function regardless of where you move your site. CGI scripts may have to be reconfigured for a new server. If you switch from a UNIX server to an WinNT server it may be necessary to change, modify, or replace existing scripts. It may also be necessary to investigate the additional security risks involved.

Your site will contain all the standard META tags and clearly state the DOCTYPE. The Doctype is what other browsers use to interpret your coding. This also includes contains the HTML specification being used. Our client area steps you through the creation of each page's META tags and explains their use. Search robots take your URL and then extract the vital information from the META Tags to create listings for each of your pages.

Your images (graphics) will be optimized to be fast loading and to conserve your allocated server space. Your graphics will also contain all the proper ALT and size tags. ALT tags are what shows in non-graphical browsers. The width and height tags allow the page to load prior to displaying the graphics. Very important in determining how fast your pages will load in browsers. I believe it is important to keep your graphics optimized to the smallest size possible without taking away from the quality.

How is information exchanged for constructing my web site?

In the Client Area you will find on-line forms which will take you step by step in constructing your web site. The client area will provide the knowledge to gain an understanding of how your site is being developed. As you complete the forms there are explanations as to why the information is being requested and how this information is utilized to develop your site.

How are site changes or modifications submitted?

Our client area contains all the necessary forms for submitting your data on-line. Changes are submitted either by the use of our on-line forms or by sending an email message with the changes specified by page name.

Site Validation:

Your page coding is validated by HTML specification. Creative Computing uses HTML PowerTools locally to verify the coding on your pages. All HTML coding is verified by HTML specification and not for use within a specific browser. It is vital that your page coding be validated to be error free!


I utilize various CGI scripts on the sites I designed. Most scripts used have forums where the programmer and other users share their experiences, uses, and modifications of scripts. New scripts become available regularly, so I do a search each time I need a new script to see what else may be available.

Search Engine Submissions

How things work have changed over the years with the search engines. Now we create a sitemap file which contains a listing of all the pages on your site. The robots.txt file lists pages not to be indexed. Between those two files search engine robots get your pages listed. There is a process with google to submit your sitemap. Several other current search engines get their listings via google.

Web Hosting

I suggest a few host providers and tell you why they would offer you the best service or price. You you can research and find what would best suit your needs.

I suggest using a virtual server that does not provide internet access services. When you choose a local provider, their servers may be slower due to the number of users performing various functions on their servers. I prefer using a virtual host provider that does not limit my creativity or yours. I think most these days offer the features I've always required for my scripts and SSI.

Do you suggest free services to enhance my web site?

I highly suggest you use the necessary scripts within their own site to offer the services they require (guestbook, form processing, counter, etc.). This will ensure that your features will always be functioning.

Features I personally avoid using:

Not all browsers can interpret the use of some functions such as frames, javascript, java, plug-ins, and image maps. Although it is possible to include these features on your site you should be aware that you will need to also provide alternatives for each feature chosen. You want your site be user and browser friendly.

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