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Web Hosting

There are many benefits to utilizing a virtual server rather than hosting your web site with your local Internet Access Provider (ISP). When your web site is located with your local ISP you are competing with traffic of everyone using that server for email, chatting, and browsing. Virtual servers are able to provide faster access for your web site as their business IS hosting web sites.

I can assist you either in registering your domain name, or transferring your current domain name to a new host. See Domain Registration below.

Creative Computing believes no one should have to pay high cost of web hosting. There are many places on the internet where you are able to place your business or personal web sites. Being aware of what these services have to offer can make a big difference in the choice you would want to make for your web site. I have done extensive research to find the most cost effective virtual server providers.

If you are working with a limited budget and your site would not utilize the full services offered with the virtual server, you may want get started with a FREE virtual server.

Domain Registration

You can very easily register your own domain name with most Registrars by filling out an online form. They should also provide any and all information regarding domain name changes, registration, how-to instructions, and more. As more and more companies are offering registration services be sure to check carefully before choose. Visit the useful links provided below:

Registrar Rankings         Domain Name Buying Tips

Please note: You should always be listed as the billing and administrator of your domain! Your host provider is ONLY your technical contact.

My experience trying to move a client's web site has not been good when dealing with ISPs who provide domain registration services and then control the domain by means of being the sole contact. Unless you are billed directly by a qualified Registrar you have no receipt to verify your domain registration information.

It is understandable to charge an initial fee to register your domain, as this is time consuming and involves a verification process. But there is no reason for anyone to get paid to renew your registration when the Registrar will bill you directly. When they control your domain you will have a very difficult time if you decide to change host providers.

Please protect yourself from services that register domain names and do not list you as the contact for YOUR domain. When a change is necessary it must be initiated and approved by the administrator or billing contact. If you are not listed as either or both, you have no control over Your domain name.

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