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Almond Sparkle  Snack/Treats  
Apple Date Pudding  Snack/Treats  
Apple Pudding with Butter Sauce  Snack/Treats  
Best Brownies  Snack/Treats  
Big Soft Pretzels  Snack/Treats  
Bittersweet Brownies  Snack/Treats  
Brown Sugar Bars  Snack/Treats  
Burchermuesli  Snack/Treats  
Cheese Buds  Snack/Treats > Appetizer  
Cheese Eclairs  Snack/Treats  
Cheese Puffs  Snack/Treats  
Cherry Streusel Bars  Snack/Treats  
Chocolate Angel Dessert  Snack/Treats  
Chocolate Roll  Snack/Treats  
Confetti Brownies  Snack/Treats  
Crunch Granola Bars  Snack/Treats  
Date Orange Bars  Snack/Treats  
Double Dutch Chocolate Pudding  Snack/Treats  
Double Fudge Brownies  Snack/Treats  
Fruit Turnovers  Snack/Treats > Pies  
Fudge Balls  Snack/Treats > Desserts_Misc  
Gingersnap Strips  Snack/Treats  
Granola  Snack/Treats  
High Energy Peanut Butter Balls  Snack/Treats  
Microwave Caramel Corn  Snack/Treats  
Nuts and Bolts  Snack/Treats  
Oatmeal Crunch  Snack/Treats  
Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Bars  Snack/Treats  
Orange Dream Bars  Snack/Treats  
Orange Nut Bars  Snack/Treats  
Peanut Butter Balls  Snack/Treats  
Peanut Butter Bars  Snack/Treats  
Popcorn Balls  Snack/Treats  
Popcorn Balls 2  Snack/Treats  
Popcorn Balls 3  Snack/Treats  
Potato Doughnuts  Snack/Treats  
Prune Nut Bars  Snack/Treats  
Raspberry Bars  Snack/Treats  
Rhubarb Nut Crisp  Snack/Treats  
S'mores  Snack/Treats  

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